1. Cute sleepy girl #pug http://ift.tt/1wzONsE

  3. Pug and mom #pugsofinstagram http://ift.tt/1z3JNbO

  4. Our sleepy pug puppy Phoebe

  5. Roxy with her sister @sashachowchow http://ift.tt/1rZoMfG

  6. My sweet pug Yuki enjoying a perfect summer day on the Oregon coast.

  7. fuckyeahdogs:

    Despite flotation equipment, Oscar the pug struggles to enjoy the merits of the waters of Helene Madison Pool during an open dog swim - with no humans allowed - on Sunday, August 17, 2014, in Seattle, Wash.

  8. harrythepug:

    Gosh I miss that little squishy face when I go away. He looks like he’s been having fun without me though.