1. Sleepy day with roxy pug #cute http://ift.tt/1r3YHLA

  3. 2 announcements!

    1. Please send in your pugs in their pug Halloween costumes! I want to see!

    2. A lot of people have been asking me to post their pug-related products/websites on my blog. I have over 25k followers and would be happy to advertise for you, but please make me an offer! I can’t do that for free or my blog would be full of pug products from Etsy/shout-outs to various pug instagrams. lol.

  4. cutepugpics:

    Pug puppy is plotting ways to get a human person to feed him pumpkins! (via lemontreesoceanbreeze)

  5. #giants #sf #pug #gigantes http://ift.tt/1DgRgIu

  6. just got this from a friend, funny :D

  7. cuz only pugs can do it ♥

  8. Cheerleader roxy #49ers #mondaynight #football @kaepernick7 http://ift.tt/1qXTO5N

  9. cutepugpics:

    True happiness is found at the center of a Pug Pile!

    (Source: teenadventures69)